24-hour Movie Marathon liveblog tomorrow!

Tomorrow, I'll be embarking on my third experience at the local Cinematheque's biannual 24-hour Movie Marathon. The event is really cool, shows good movies (that are not revealed before the event!), and if you have a curious mind, the will to endure, and a lot of spare time this weekend, you should swing by.

Over the four years since the first marathon, it's taken on a lot of personal significance for me, being just about the fullest mind-and-body commitment to cinema that I know how to undertake: intellectual discovery, social communion, local art culture, physical presence. And they always throw a goofy Midnight Movie in there, so that's fun.

So, this year, I will offer some vicarious experience of the event by posting about it between movies right here, as the (long overdue) inaugural posts on the new Sad Hill Cemetery blog. Expect efforts at honest connection, emotional reportage, and analysis to be slowly corrupted by the demon that is sleep deprivation. I'll also be making some Tweets when I get a chance, both for more fleeting and trivial thoughts and to give a heads up for new updates to the liveblog, so hit me up on there if you wanna connect live during this thing.

So, come back tomorrow and get ready to refresh! It's gonna be a long ride.

EDIT: Devan will also be liveblogging, apparently. So, you know. Be ready for that.