Devan Scott


Devan Scott’s passion for visual storytelling inspired him to co-found Sad Hill Media, and has led to a portfolio of work as a director, cinematographer, and colourist that has been growing ever since. His focused, efficient production management and direction ensure a vibrant working environment, and his enthusiasm for learning and applying new techniques and approaches to filmmaking has given him a range that can fill a myriad of creative needs.

Devan’s work as both cinematographer and colourist has given him a comprehensive and reliable understanding of the entire production pipeline which gives him a flexible, informed process for creative decision-making. To supplement his cinematic work, Devan maintains an active interest in stills photography



Will Ross


Will has been working in film and video since co-founding Sad Hill Media in 2009. Whether for his own projects or someone else’s, his work behind the camera and the keyboard is always focused on finding fresh, gripping new approaches to filmmaking.

As well as on-set direction, Will participates in the screenwriting, shotlisting, editing, and sound design stages of the process. His collaborations are marked by responsive communication and craftsmanship that are tailored to the sensibilities of his clients and teams.

In addition, he maintains a blog of critical work, and his reviews and video essays have been published by outlets such as Tiny Mix Tapes and MUBI Notebook.