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When you need something captured on video, we can capture the meaning and spirit of the moment with a clear and creative eye for details. Our steadfast dedication to recording each moment passionately and precisely will ensure that the final result is vibrant and eye-catching.

We use both single- and multi-camera setups in order to get the best angle on whatever subject comes our way. Our camera style can be boisterous or restrained, lyrical or direct, modern or classical, and everything in-between.

Sad Hill Media’s experience with scripting, shotlisting, and interviewing under a myriad of circumstances makes planning and executing complex productions a smooth, easy process. With documentaries, promotional spots, and corporate videos of all different stripes under our belts, we’ve got the technical and creative toolkit to make your vision a reality.

Intimate, lively, fun — the tone or subject of your video matters, and we’re committed to realizing it with careful planning and attention to detail.

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